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Drainage issues are very common in and around the Chattanooga area. Without proper drainage, your home and landscape can suffer greatly. Problems can arise immediately but sometimes the results of improper drainage don’t become apparent until years later. Water standing around your foundation can cause serious problems to your home; wet areas in your yard can cause significant malnutrition resulting in loss of plants, trees, and turf.

Our highly trained and qualified staff uses state-of-the-art equipment to make sure our solutions are based on accurate measurements in order to determine elevation changes of slopes, swales, and other important surfaces.
Drainage system

Potential Reasons for Poor Drainage

Improper grading - One of the most common mistakes contractors make is not providing enough change in elevation to allow for surface drainage.

Settling - Sinkholes and settling create areas that don’t drain off. Settling itself can be a result of poor subsurface compaction, soil type, or buried debris or roots decomposing.

Constant source - An area that has a constant source of water will continue to be an issue even if surface drainage is adequate.

Inadequate drain system - Some drain systems prove to be inadequate over time for many reasons. Sometimes they get stopped up, clogged, crushed or buried. Other times the size, location or even type of system that was originally installed may not be sufficient to handle the need.

Fixed elevations - When working around structures, driveways, sidewalks, and roads, there are always limitations for where water can drain.

Proper grading - If surface drainage is possible, grading is often the most inexpensive and effective solution to correcting an area with poor drainage.

Catch basins - Catch basins are simply a reservoir for collecting surface drainage or runoff. Anytime your source of water is above the ground, a catch basin can collect the water so that it can be piped away underground.

French drains - Primarily needed to collect water that’s underground, seeping to the surface. They can also be very effective when placed along a foundation or crawl space to allow an escape for excessive moisture under and around the home. French drains use a combination of perforated pipe and gravel to capture the water, which can then be piped away.

Sump pumps - Typically seen in basements and crawl spaces, sump pumps are sometimes the only way to remove unwanted water from a location. Like in a crawl space, when water drains to the low point there has to be an even lower point outside if you’re going to be able to pipe the water away. If there isn't, you'll have to pump it “uphill” to get rid of it.

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Drainage system
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Drainage system
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